With the advent of our new queen sized bed, we're trying to figure out a dresser that would match.  Here's our new big bed:
We're still looking for a new comforter, but I'm kind of attached to our Kmart one.  We definitely need something over the bed (I'm thinking mirrors), but I'm really dragging my feet on this project (I just don't want to make a bad choice and be stuck with it forever!).  We did upgrade with some white Kate Spade sheets from Home Goods that I mentioned awhile ago.  They feel divine. 

Now, I'm trying to figure out a dresser that works, because what we have now is a hot mess. I think this dresser from West Elm would look nice in the space.

But it's $700 and not even real wood!  I'm also concerned about spending a lot of money, because I know that in a few years we will move and I'm sure that what I think looks nice and works well for us will change.  Basically, I'm aware that I have fickle taste. Which brings me to the Ikea option, ala the Malm dresser. 

This little baby is less than $200 and I think that you can add hardware.  Look how beautiful the little Malm dresser looks that Emily Clark did. It also doesn't hurt that the bedroom she designed is amazing. 
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So what do you all think?  Where do you think you can get quality furniture by not spending an arm and a leg and offering up your first-born child?


erin said...

I think the Ikea dresser would look great, and for that price, you can't beat it!

MCW said...

I have found that cheap furniture tends to break and call apart after a couple of years. The you just have to buy a new one and spend just as much as the expensive one.
*call is supposed to say fall! But using my new iPad and it wont let me go up and change it!

Elle Sees said...

remember you can always paint!

Stesha said...

picking a dresser is seriously one of the hardest things to do!


Everyday Adventures said...

I really like your current bedspread, its super cute! I wouldnt spend an arm and a leg for furniture that a. may not fit in your next place or b. or the style may fade. For over the bed, I bought a monogram of our names and I really like it

It reads SPJ connected in cursive in navy and its wooded and is mobile.

Good luck on the bedroom decorating:)

Meagan said...

I have the tall Ikea dresser and it worked well for us for a few years until we moved. We did however over stuff it to the max and the particle board in the back totally busted through. other people I know have had similar problems or the drawers just stop shutting. But that was after a lot of wear and tear. I'd go Ikea until you're in a more permanent place!