Happy Friday, Friends!

So I'm a bit behind on blogging this week, but I'm very excited that I've planned a little vacation.  Next Thursday, I'm leaving for Florida to go visit my sister for four days.  This couldn't be better, as I really want a break from work that savors summer and it will also be a break from missing the husband who is away working on a trial.  My sister better start getting ready for me, because soon I will be on our way to Florida with my pink polka dot bag in tow. (And yes, I pulled this baby out as soon as I booked the ticket.  It might already be partially packed).
In other news, I attempted to spruce up our bathroom.  On Sunday night, I decided I wanted to hang this up.
It's from 2006 and a cover of a J.Crew catalog.  The husband says that we will have to put it away when company comes; what do you guys think?  Too tacky for words?  For some bizarre reason I think it's charming.  It also reminds me of when I was in grad school and aspired to be classic and put together ala J.Crew.  Clearly, that's a battle I've given up on in my old age.
What I haven't given up on is an inane hunt for the perfect comforter and sheets.  I found some Kate Spade sheets at TJ Maxx, but I'm still on the fence.  Basically, I know that whatever I pick out, I'll be stuck with forever. Anyways, I'm looking forward to catching up on blogs this weekend and seeing what everyone has been up to!


miss b said...

I'm back from my travels trying to catch up on blogs. Florida, how lovely - we had an amazing holiday there a few years ago- a few days in Orlando then down to Naples and the Everglades - just wonderful - have fun! (love the bag too)

lucia m said...




Jess said...

I LOVE that J Crew cover in a frame! It really is charming, and I've seen people put vintage magazines in the bathroom before. Maybe it just needs another poster with it so it doesn't look like its misplaced? I think you should leave it up!

Also, wish I was heading to Florida!

Alexa said...

Love the pink polka dots!

Dee {Strings and Buttons} said...

Yeah I feel ya about the vacation. I really need to get away from everything soon. Need some rejuvenation! Have a fabulous relaxing time. And would love to see what those Kate Spade sheets from TJ Maxx look like x

Elle Sees said...

its' not for me, but it's a cute pic!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

YAY! Vacay *tomorrow*!!! That will be a blast, sister time is always awesome (c: And bedding is the *HARDEST* decision for me to make! It seems so permanent!