Wedding Registries

We are in the midst of wedding season, and I always like to think of what would be most useful to couples starting out.  I found this post over at Young House Love pretty interesting.  When we got married, we (err, I) probably did a pretty poor job registering.  I truly felt that if I didn't register for it, I was losing my one shot of ever getting it.  Which is why I registered for a 10 set Pyrex piece.  I thought it would be useful ten years down the line.  And I'm sure it would be, but after the wedding, we realized it wasn't going to be happening anytime soon and our apartment is small (and would be getting even smaller).  So, fortunately, we were able to return it; I love Target's generous return policy.  Truly, I have no idea where we would have put it in our NoVa kitchen. The same could go for a set of a set of bowls that I'm currently storing but not using.  Again, I think they will come in handy, but not  for awhile.
As a side note, I did register for china and have no regrets.  It isn't practical, but we do use it on special occasions and I still have dreams that it will be used in the future.  I actually think that your wedding registry might be your one shot at china, because I could never see my husband letting me buy that on our own. But that's just me.
I actually found that some of the things we didn't register for ended up being pretty handy (case in point, the comforter from K-Mart that is currently are only bedding...). So what do I think the most useful gift that we received?  Hands down, it has to be the tool kit. 
We definitely didn't register for it, but we sure have used it.  It's pretty handy to have a level, measuring tape, hammer, etc., when hanging pictures, putting together furniture, etc.  Since the husband and I aren't very handy, we would never have thought of it, but it is definitely something we needed.
The husband's aunt and uncle also gave us a gorgeous picture of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which definitely makes our apartment look a bit more adult and is a piece we will always treasure.  Isn't it funny how sometimes our friends and family know us better than we know ourselves? What do you think is essential for a registry/love to give a bride and groom?


Elle Sees said...

I've never been married, so I've no idea. Eep

Emily | Recently said...

We set our wedding and got married within a month, so we never had any showers or registered. I've always regretted not registering because we still don't have all the things we need ten years later!

Mandy said...

I love reading about what people register for! I am not even engaged yet and I often think of things I would put on a registry...number one item will be a Kitchen aide mixer It's hard to make frosting with a spoon!