I'm kind of obsessed with this dress I bought from Ann Taylor Loft over the weekend. 
I'd like to keep it, even though it's bright pink and has an odd line at the bottom.  And I'd like to wear it with my trusty knock-off bubble necklace.
What do you think?  Maybe I just want to hold onto summer just a little bit longer, but this seems like a favorite summer outfit for next year. A part of me would also like to wear it to a wedding at the end of September too (hopefully cooler heads will prevail...aka the husband).


Oh Sunnie Day said...

I say keep it and wear it next Summer. If you love it this much now, you're such to love it just as much next year :)



how i met your father blog said...

love it!!!

ms. mindless said...

I think you can make it work for fall! Add a dark cardigan, boots and tights. Adorable.

LoveT. said...

Beautiful Dress ,love the Colour :)
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