Wedding Shoes

When I got married over two years ago, I wore these shoes from J.Crew.  I'd never spent that much on shoes (and probably never will), but they were light pink, had a bow on them, and I loved them.  Still do.
Image from Celeste Ainsworth
Since they are pretty special, I don't wear them very often.  However, when I was shopping at the outlets with my sister, I saw these ballet flats for $10 at the Gap. 

I was hesitant, but they seemed relatively comfy, so I went with them.  When I returned home, even the husband noticed the similarity.  I think he thought it was a shame I couldn't have found the inexpensive version for our wedding, but that's beside the point.

I know it's sentimental, but it's really fun to have a pair of shoes that remind me of my wedding. Any fun details catching your eye lately?


P*P*P said...

Love that! Your wedding shoes were so pretty (and so are your new flats) was totally worth it for you to buy those special shoes (even if they were expensive) because the details like that are things you'll always can't skimp on your wedding day!!!

agalandherdog said...

Those are adorable! I ruined my shoes in mud on our wedding day and threw them out so I wouldn't have to mess with packing muddy shoes in my suitcase for the rest of our trip. Kind of makes me sad now!

Elle Sees said...

I think it's awesome that he remembered your wedding shoes!

- ME - Fashion Blog said...

Wow, lovely wedding shoes dear!!! Would you maybe like to follow one another?