Pecan Pie for my Dad

Today my Dad is up in the DC area for a conference, so I get to see him this evening.  In his honor, I attempted making my very first pecan pie, which is his favorite. I used this recipe, which was easy enough.  I'm not sure how tasty it is, but it sure looks promising!  I'm looking forward to trying it tonight. Even the husband thought it looked good.
Anybody else try any baking lately? With Thanksgiving coming up, I'm trying to make sure that I have some delicious and easy dishes to bring.

Labels for the Kitchen

So I have dreams of having a pantry that looks super organized and beautiful.  And then I realize that our "pantry" is just a few shallow shelves in our apartment. I also realize that there is no way the husband would let me invest in a lot of matching containers (and rightfully so), as it would totally be an unnecessary expense.  But still, I dream.
All images via Pinterest
While I'm never going to have a pantry like the ones above, I was able to improve our little space by adding some of Martha Stewart's labels.
 They cost less than three dollars with a coupon and it's sad how ridiculously happy they make me. I think I just get a huge kick out of printing stuff out. Anyone else a fan of labeling anything that stands still?

Champagne and Chipotle

The husband and I recently celebrated our "engagement anniversary".  It seems a little silly to celebrate, but it's kind of nice to have these little occasions to reflect.  Also, we treated ourselves to Chipotle and champagne, which I never turn down.  I know it's an unusual combination, but I love Chipotle and the husband always enjoys some champagne.  The husband also let me buy this little ring in honor of the occasion.
Image via
He thinks it's tacky, but I love it.  It also matches with so many things I own, since I love that raspberry color. 

The Last Game of the Season

How have you all been?  This fall has been pretty busy with work.  Even though I have things to blog about, I've been feeling a bit uninspired.  Last week, the husband and I went to the Thursday Nationals game.  Even though I'm not a huge baseball fan, it was a great game and the crowd was so enthusiastic. Friday's game was such a disappointment, but it was still a glorious season.

Wedding Recap

I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend!  Thanks for all of your advice last week.  I know it's really silly, but having other opinions helps me.  The husband and I made it down to the wedding in Williamsburg and it was lovely.  The wedding was at the Wren Chapel, which is absolutely stunning and meaningful to the bride who went to William and Mary.  The husband and I got a bit lost on our way to the reception (I may have left the map in the car), but we were able to see the Crim Dell bridge, which has lots of urban legends surrounding it. The legend is that if you kiss on the bridge, you'll be with that person for life and is the location where the bride and groom were engaged (isn't that so romantic)! Of course, I wanted to go check it out, which may have involved a longer walk in the woods than I anticipated.  However, it was pretty cool to go see it.

It was definitely a privilege to see two friends get married, and once we made it to the Alumni House for the reception, we thoroughly enjoyed connecting with friends from undergrad! How was your weekend?  It seems like there have been lots of fall weddings lately.