Labels for the Kitchen

So I have dreams of having a pantry that looks super organized and beautiful.  And then I realize that our "pantry" is just a few shallow shelves in our apartment. I also realize that there is no way the husband would let me invest in a lot of matching containers (and rightfully so), as it would totally be an unnecessary expense.  But still, I dream.
All images via Pinterest
While I'm never going to have a pantry like the ones above, I was able to improve our little space by adding some of Martha Stewart's labels.
 They cost less than three dollars with a coupon and it's sad how ridiculously happy they make me. I think I just get a huge kick out of printing stuff out. Anyone else a fan of labeling anything that stands still?


P*P*P said...

Love those labels and I love your pantry inspiration photos! I wish mine looked that nice too!!

Elle Sees said...

totally a dream of mine to do this!