The Last Game of the Season

How have you all been?  This fall has been pretty busy with work.  Even though I have things to blog about, I've been feeling a bit uninspired.  Last week, the husband and I went to the Thursday Nationals game.  Even though I'm not a huge baseball fan, it was a great game and the crowd was so enthusiastic. Friday's game was such a disappointment, but it was still a glorious season.


dinagideon said...

My hubby was at that game!!! What a great game for you to go to. :)

I am so sad for the Nationals, that Friday game was heart-wrenching.

I sometimes have blog fatigue, I get it...I know you will be super-inspired soon enough!

Adam said...

I love baseball

Alexa said...

Baseball is one of my favorites. Course I'm rooting for the Giants!