Happy Thanksgiving!

I definitely have more than my share of blessings to celebrate. Even though we're going to be driving a bit over the break, I'm thankful to have a home to travel from, family to travel to, and a husband to travel with! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing my sister (we're picking her up from the airport tonight!), testing out my pumpkin cheesecake and pecan pie, and being with family.  Wishing you a bountiful Thanksgiving!

Have a lovely weekend!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!  I'm going to attempt to make some pumpkin and pecan pie for Thanksgiving.  I'm also going to try to make a pumpkin cheesecake, after I saw this recipe. Most of all, I'm hoping that the husband gets over his cold and I don't catch it!  Otherwise, that might prevent some of the Thanksgiving festivities from moving forward.  What are your plans?

A Little Treat

 It's no secret that I love sending cards to people, so I was really excited when I found out that Shutterfly has created a greeting card line called Treat. It just might be my new favorite obsession.  When I checked out their website, they gave me a coupon for a free card, so I was able to mail a card for only the price of shipping.  A whole 49 cents.  And then they sent me another coupon to send three free cards, which of course took up a whole Sunday afternoon choosing which designs I liked best.  I was able to send this card to my math-loving sister and I could personalize it! I love how personal it is, but still affordable. If you like to send cards, you might want to think about checking out Treat and keep an eye out for coupons. 

*I think you already could have figured this out, but I didn't receive any compensation for this post.  For starters, my blog is too small!

A Holiday Dress

Since hunting for a dress to wear to holiday parties last year was so difficult, I'm determined to start early this year.  So early that some of the stores haven't even put their holiday dresses out yet! I saw a beautiful lace dress at Banana Republic as part of their Anna Karenina Collection (I'm still trying to convince the husband we should go see the movie), but unfortunately it wasn't sold in a store close to me and isn't online anymore.  However, I did find this little lace dress at JC Penney's.  I ordered it last night, and I'm hoping it might work.  I actually feel more optimistic about this one, because it has more of an A line skirt.  And of course, it was a lot cheaper, which is always nice.  Has anyone else started looking for holiday attire? I'm afraid that I get overly excited about this time of year.


So, I took quite a hiatus from blogging for awhile, but life has still been good.  I was able to see my sister last weekend, and I've gone to visit my parents the last two weekends in a row, as my grandma hasn't been doing well lately.  We survived Hurricane Sandy without issue, because we were further south.  However, DC shut down and I had two days off to be with the husband at home.

In other news,I'm really hoping to get my very own copy of Young House Love's newest book sometime soon! What's new with you?