A Little Holiday Celebration

I cannot believe it's already Thursday!  I've been busy this week getting ready for my work's holiday party.  It's kind of exciting, because organizing it is part of my job this year, but it's meant a lot of errands after work. Last weekend, we had some friends over for game night, and it was so good to see everyone.  We played Trivial Pursuit, and my team lost horribly, but it was still a blast.  We kept things really easy and bought pizza, some amazing Korean chicken, and Georgetown cupcakes!
I also made some chocolate pretzels and put them in mini-take out boxes to send home with people.  It was really easy and might be the treat I end up making for my co-workers next week.
Our tree is up and even has presents underneath it! I love that our ornaments are some that my husband had growing up and are ones that we picked out together (I still need to get mine from my parents; I've been waiting because I have a lot).

Even though the tree isn't very stylish, I think it's very homey looking. I definitely enjoy having our tree set up. Are you getting ready for the holidays?


Adam said...

I'm already set for the holiday

Worthington said...

I love your tree - it looks so happy and festive!