Buying only what I love

After surveying my closet and thinking about my shopping patterns, in 2013 I would like to purchase only things that make me excited to wear them.  I think a lot of times I buy things because I'm terrified that I won't have something to wear (which is the craziest fear ever).  But if it's cheap, I'm tempted to buy it, even when it's a hot mess.  It's silly to just buy "filler clothes" because when I buy something I really like, I wear it over and over again. Let's do a case study with these three pictures
Last year on my b-day

Celebrating our two year anniversary 
And a few years ago in an engagement photo
 And I actually wore the scarf yesterday to work too.  Seriously, I think I probably should be buried in that scarf. I bought it about four years ago for less than five dollars, but I like it because it's soft and I love that raspberry color. (I probably should branch out with my color palette) When we moved, I ditched a lot of clothes that I was pretty indifferent too, but I another purge needs to happen soon.  And then I'd like to buy my dream blazer from J.Crew.  I totally would to, except for the fact that final sale is scary to me and I have no idea if it would fit me correctly. Or even look right assuming it fit.  But I can still dream, right? It is in my favorite color after all.


MCW said...

Have your checked the outlet??? Same blazer! Not sure if they have pink or not.

Adam said...

nice blazer

Elle Sees said...

pretty and i love the scarf!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I'm the same way about final sale stuff...I'm so picky in the dressing room so I'm always hesitant to order things online final sale!

Beth Dunn said...

You look adorable!

Northern Style Exposure said...

I love that blazer! I have it in three colors!