Christmas Recap

It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone already and it's time to take down the tree. I definitely enjoyed having the time to celebrate with our families.  On the Friday night before Christmas, we drove down to my parent's house, so we could celebrate with them.  We did a gift exchange, and it was good to be home and see my sister who was home from Florida. On the 23rd we went to the husband's family, and celebrated with them.  Since his parents are divorced, the time is a bit more fragmented, but it was nice to see them.  We also went to a Christmas Eve service, which always feels special.  The husband and I also took a little walk on Christmas Eve to see his town's Christmas tree.  Pretty, isn't it?
We came back home the night of Christmas due to the upcoming forecast and the husband went back to work, so I took two little more trips back home. I also was able to see two of my good friends from undergrad, which was fun. Unfortunately, we didn't really take any pictures, so I think that might have to be a new goal for 2013!  How was your holiday?

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Adam said...

I had a decent holiday