Presidents' Day Sale Buys

I didn't get President's Day off , but the commute took about half the time as usual, so that was a  treat. I also was able to pick up a few things from J.Crew's factory sale.  I know this might sound crazy, but I like to pick up gifts for friends and family year-round.  If I see something I think they'd like and it's reasonably priced, I usually buy it.  While this can have the issue of finding something else later on that they might like better or not being able to get a gift receipt, I find that this method cuts down on my stress level around birthdays and Christmas.  Of course, I always make sure that more expensive items are returnable, but for token gifts, I like to purchase them as I find them.  Which leads me to my purchase today; two pairs of earrings for my mom. She loves this style, so I think they will work well. And if not, they were each ten dollars, so it's not too much of a financial setback.  I bought her these for Christmas and she really seemed to like them.
I thought these could could be perfect for Mother's Day.

And I thought these would be a nice bday gift.
I know it might seem like "earring overload", but I find that the gifts to my parents are usually token gifts anyway, and I will add these with other little gifts.  I like to give my mom earrings because she wears them everyday,they always fit, and they are a little splurge that she usually doesn't do. Do you like to buy gifts as you find the perfect ones or do you prefer to do it right before the occasion?  My husband is definitely more of the last minute type of guy, but I think both strategies can work well.

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Wishing you and yours a lovely day, however you decide to celebrate/not celebrate it.  We're keeping it low key as usual, but I'm celebrating by wearing my pink shift dress.  Just being in a festive color makes me happy. 

We are also going to see Silver Lining's Playbook on Friday.  We literally haven't seen a movie at the theater in years, so this is a big treat! 

A Little Valentine's Day Gift

For Valentine's Day this year, I'm bringing in a little treat for the people who work in my department. I like to do it, because I think it's festive and I work with all women (except my boss).  They are very simple, but when I saw these pink chevron notepads at the Target dollar spot, I knew that I had to do something with them.  I added some ribbon and a few of Dove's dark chocolates, and I think it's a cute treat. Are you getting ready for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

For Valentine's Day, I'm sending a little care package to my sister.  I didn't end up buying her any of these things below (she reads my blog), but putting her gift together made me think of some gifts that would be nice for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, her gift wasn't this glamorous, but it's fun to dream sometimes.

I think this candle is divine.  My sister bought it for me last year for Christmas, and it seriously got me through the winter.

I also think  Anthropologie's hand lotion is a special splurge.
And costume jewelry is always fun.

Flowers are also always appreciated.

 What are you hoping for this Valentine's Day? The poor husband always ends up with some boxers and beef jerky, and I am looking forward to a hug and a kiss!

Weekend Recap

Monday is back in all of its glory, I'm afraid.  How was everyone's weekend?  Mine had the pleasant surprise of a good friend from college coming up to visit.  We spent Saturday shopping at the outlets, which is always fun.  I picked up this dress, which I think will be easy for work. 

The husband isn't a fan because it has sleeves and is a little too boxy on top, but I still like it. To be honest, it will probably go back because the fit is a bit off, but I just love how easy black and white can be. It drives me crazy because I'm smaller on top than bottom, and it seems impossible to buy dresses lately.  Sunday was spent running errands, cleaning, jogging, and cooking up some scallops. How was your weekend?

Happy Friday!

Image via
Well, we survived the week!  I'm happy to report that I was able to fit in four good workouts, but I'm afraid  that they probably can't make up for the tasting I had to do Thursday for work.  I also am happy that I was able to resist the Kate Spade sample sale (the husband is even happier).  However, I did not do any cooking this week, so among other things, I'm hoping to try a few new recipes  this weekend. I would like to make some fish n chips, as I thought it could be fun to mix it up from all the glazed salmon I've made for the husband. I would also like to make some ribs for him in our crock pot, as it sounds really easy. Plus, I need to get some use out of the crock pot that we are storing! For me, we have some goat cheese and dried cranberries that I should use soon, so maybe I'll also make this simple and delicious snack.What's in store for you this weekend? Apparently, I plan to eat well!

On Valentine's Day Flowers

One of my favorite holidays is Valentine's Day.   I know most people hate the holiday, but I love all the pink, the cards, the excuse to eat copious amounts of chocolate...

The husband hates Valentine's Day because it's fraught with artificial expectations and he doesn't have the time to deal with it.  I've always wondered why he never took the easy way out and just sent me flowers.  Tonight I ordered flowers for my mom and I realized why.  Flowers are usually marked up, but it's even worse on Valentine's Day. I am sending flowers before the 14th, but on the calendar you could see that there is a 14 dollar charge that occurs on Valentine's Day.  It really is marked up on top of already inflated prices.

 But, sometimes people just need a few flowers to brighten their day.  I'm glad that my husband is tolerant enough to let me send them.