Happy Friday!

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Well, we survived the week!  I'm happy to report that I was able to fit in four good workouts, but I'm afraid  that they probably can't make up for the tasting I had to do Thursday for work.  I also am happy that I was able to resist the Kate Spade sample sale (the husband is even happier).  However, I did not do any cooking this week, so among other things, I'm hoping to try a few new recipes  this weekend. I would like to make some fish n chips, as I thought it could be fun to mix it up from all the glazed salmon I've made for the husband. I would also like to make some ribs for him in our crock pot, as it sounds really easy. Plus, I need to get some use out of the crock pot that we are storing! For me, we have some goat cheese and dried cranberries that I should use soon, so maybe I'll also make this simple and delicious snack.What's in store for you this weekend? Apparently, I plan to eat well!

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