On Valentine's Day Flowers

One of my favorite holidays is Valentine's Day.   I know most people hate the holiday, but I love all the pink, the cards, the excuse to eat copious amounts of chocolate...

The husband hates Valentine's Day because it's fraught with artificial expectations and he doesn't have the time to deal with it.  I've always wondered why he never took the easy way out and just sent me flowers.  Tonight I ordered flowers for my mom and I realized why.  Flowers are usually marked up, but it's even worse on Valentine's Day. I am sending flowers before the 14th, but on the calendar you could see that there is a 14 dollar charge that occurs on Valentine's Day.  It really is marked up on top of already inflated prices.

 But, sometimes people just need a few flowers to brighten their day.  I'm glad that my husband is tolerant enough to let me send them.

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P*P*P said...

I LOVE Valentine's Day too. The flowers and the pink make me so happy!! Glad you could brighten someone's day and I hope your hubby does something sweet for you - you deserve it!