Presidents' Day Sale Buys

I didn't get President's Day off , but the commute took about half the time as usual, so that was a  treat. I also was able to pick up a few things from J.Crew's factory sale.  I know this might sound crazy, but I like to pick up gifts for friends and family year-round.  If I see something I think they'd like and it's reasonably priced, I usually buy it.  While this can have the issue of finding something else later on that they might like better or not being able to get a gift receipt, I find that this method cuts down on my stress level around birthdays and Christmas.  Of course, I always make sure that more expensive items are returnable, but for token gifts, I like to purchase them as I find them.  Which leads me to my purchase today; two pairs of earrings for my mom. She loves this style, so I think they will work well. And if not, they were each ten dollars, so it's not too much of a financial setback.  I bought her these for Christmas and she really seemed to like them.
I thought these could could be perfect for Mother's Day.

And I thought these would be a nice bday gift.
I know it might seem like "earring overload", but I find that the gifts to my parents are usually token gifts anyway, and I will add these with other little gifts.  I like to give my mom earrings because she wears them everyday,they always fit, and they are a little splurge that she usually doesn't do. Do you like to buy gifts as you find the perfect ones or do you prefer to do it right before the occasion?  My husband is definitely more of the last minute type of guy, but I think both strategies can work well.


Beth Dunn said...

I try to shop ahead myself! Sometimes I forget but this was a great reminder

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

See, I'm terrible because while I really do *try* and shop for other people, I end up finding a whole lotta stuff for *ME* (c; Maybe I shouldn't disclose secrets about my selfish nature...but seriously, that is a fantastic idea and really in the long run is a better deal and then they'll get something they actually like!