Happy Easter!

For those who celebrate the day, I hope you had a blessed Easter! The husband and I had a quiet day, but I still have my Easter sign out. I bought it a few  years ago at Kohls with my sister. It is definitely kitschy and takes up space we don't have, but I love it.

For the past two years that we have been married, we've been able to celebrate with my family, but it didn't happen this year. Since we just came back from vacation it was just a bit too difficult. Next year, I'm really going to try to plan a little bit better.

Yesterday, the husband came back from the grocery store with this little extra surprise. They've definitely added a little cheer to the day too.

Hostess Gift Ideas?!

As I mentioned yesterday, on Friday the husband and I will be traveling to Florida.  We're very excited about the trip, but I'm stressing over what to bring to his grandma and aunt and uncle, whom we are staying with on a few different nights.  We've already decided that we will send flowers to his grandma as a thank you, but I'd like to put together a little thank you present that we can give to his relatives when we arrive.  So far my ideas are some sea salt caramels from Crate and Barrel and a candle.  Original, I know.
We are also making up little gift bags for each of his cousins who are tweens and teens. I'm pretty excited about these.  Thank goodness for Target!Anybody have any good hostess ideas?


Today's my 29th birthday! I have to admit that this number is a bit scary to me, but as I've been thinking these past few weeks I've realized how extremely blessed I am. Over the weekend, I was able to see my parents and it was really nice to spend some time with them.  I'm looking forward to celebrating with the husband tonight, but  what I'm really excited about is that on Friday the husband and I are leaving for a vacation to Florida, and I'll get to see my sister!

Storage Ottomans!

So, I have a serious love affair with storage ottomans.  We now have six in our apartment, which the husband finds a bit crazy.  I'll admit that it is kind of crazy, but we don't have a ton of closet space (who does?), so we needed to find a way to store things out in the open without having our place look to cluttered. They are also scattered throughout the apartment, so it's not obvious unless you are looking for them.  I'm kind of in love with the newest addition to our apartment.
I ordered it online from Target and it was only 33 dollars, plus free shipping with my redcard.  I couldn't resist its neutral colors and tailored shape. It has found a happy home in our bedroom and stores some of my off-season clothes. Anybody else obsessed with storage ottomans or have any great storage tips?

Things get better

Sometimes I get kind of frustrated that our apartment isn't more decorated, but then I look at the pictures of how our bedroom was when we first moved in.
After making a few improvements, it looks like this.  Progress, right? I have to admit that most of the improvements were made by convincing the husband that we weren't going to live with the same furniture he had from undergrad for our entire lives. I still need to figure out pictures for the wall (my diplomas need to find another home!).

Isn't it funny how we sometimes focus on all the things we are lacking instead of thinking how far we've come?

A Trip to the Kennedy Center

I've missed blogging, and am glad to be back for at least a little while.  Things have been really hectic at work, but I'm hoping that the pace will slow a bit.

A few weekends ago, the husband and I went to the Kennedy Center to see the Nordic exhibits.  I had never been, and it was really neat to walk around the building.  I also got to see the Millennium stage (where they give free concerts every day at 6:00pm).  I hope that we can go back sometime soon, because it really is a beautiful venue.  Here are some of the exhibits. A boat made out of shirts! I thought this was really interesting.
They also had a plywood exhibit, which I thought was fascinating.
The stained glass birds were  beautiful.
The last exhibit we saw was a hall full of dresses in a display that looked like snowy woods.  It was a really cool space and reminded me of something from Narnia.

I was definitely excited that we made the trek to go visit!