A Trip to the Kennedy Center

I've missed blogging, and am glad to be back for at least a little while.  Things have been really hectic at work, but I'm hoping that the pace will slow a bit.

A few weekends ago, the husband and I went to the Kennedy Center to see the Nordic exhibits.  I had never been, and it was really neat to walk around the building.  I also got to see the Millennium stage (where they give free concerts every day at 6:00pm).  I hope that we can go back sometime soon, because it really is a beautiful venue.  Here are some of the exhibits. A boat made out of shirts! I thought this was really interesting.
They also had a plywood exhibit, which I thought was fascinating.
The stained glass birds were  beautiful.
The last exhibit we saw was a hall full of dresses in a display that looked like snowy woods.  It was a really cool space and reminded me of something from Narnia.

I was definitely excited that we made the trek to go visit!


Worthington said...

Wow. Those exhibition items are quite neat! I love the Kennedy Center gowns too - I wonder what the exact purpose of the exhibition was? I can see your Narnia reference for sure.

Alexa said...

Loving the exhibitions. So cool!