NYC Recap

As I mentioned, the husband and I spent part of last weekend in NYC, and it was fun to see another city.  We stayed at The London Hotel for one night, and it was so nice.  I know this sounds crazy, but I loved the bathroom tile and all the marble.  It was really luxurious, especially compared to our little apartment! 
The husband's work had an event at the MoMa, so we were able to walk through part of the museum and see some of the paintings.  Even though neither of us really know very much about art, it's still really fascinating.  They opened up the Sculpture Garden for us too, and it was nice to walk around that area too.

While the husband was at work on Friday, I spent my time on my own exploring SoHo.  Even though there are plenty of stores in DC, it's rare to have a few hours with nothing else to do besides shop. I couldn't believe how busy Broadway was in the middle of a work day.  That evening, the husband and I went to a little Italian place for dinner, which was quaint.
We also trekked down to Times Square.  It was quite happening!
I find the people dressed up in costumes really fascinating.
On Saturday, we decided to check out Central Park.  Neither of us had ever been, but it's such a powerful icon, that it was funny to "recognize" different parts of the park from various movies, ads, and pictures.

After walking around for a few hours, we hopped on the train back to DC.  We enjoyed our time in NYC, but it was definitely good to go home too! What do you love best about NYC? It's definitely makes DC look like a sleepy little town in comparison.


Melissa Blake said...

Great is one of my favorite places! Would love to visit again!

Dancing Branflake said...

Exciting! I want to stay in that hotel (I always judge a hotel based upon its bathroom).

Elle Sees said...

love your trip recap!!!

Alexa said...

Looks so fun! Love NYC!

agalandherdog said...

How fun! I love NYC, especially at Christmas time!