Sprucing up the Closet

My wedding shoes on display. I love how the wrapping paper matched the box.
If I'm being completely honest with myself, our bedroom closet is never going to look but so good.  We have fluorescent lighting, and the built in shelves desperately need painting.  We also just have to store a lot of stuff in that space. We're storing a dresser in there which is useful, but it means I can't hang up my dresses (which drives me crazy).  Last weekend I tried to make the closet a bit better, but I didn't get anywhere.  This weekend, while at Home Goods, I found some gold and pink wrapping paper.  I have to admit that I might have gone a little overboard, but I ended up lining the back of my side of the closet and two of the shelves.  It's super girly and gaudy, so I'm not sure if I'll keep it up for very long, but it only cost $2.99.  At the very least, it kept me entertained while the husband was stuck working all day Saturday.
Here's a little tray I also picked up at Home Goods.  I've been wanting something like that for awhile now.

The two shelves all lined.  It is a lot of pink, but I like it for now. I was just using the same boxes and bins I had previously.
A shot of the back of the closet.  I love this little votive I picked up from C. Wonder for a few dollars.
I know it's definitely over the top, but I think it will be fun for a few weeks (if the husband can tolerate it that long).  He's definitely a saint!


Dina Gideon said...

My closet is so utilitarian, all kitted out by Elfa, but so so so so so boring. LOL.

Yours is delightful, and the wrapping paper is such a great idea. Very pretty. And good on you to display those darling wedding shoes.

Adam said...

nice upgrade

Alexa said...

Very pretty! And it makes such a difference, doesn't it?

Itssa Bandicoot said...

your closet is so pretty :D