Five for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  Even though my work slows down a little bit during the summer, I'm always relieved to find that it's Friday. This week has been pretty low-key, but here are five for Friday!

1. Being finished with the dentist for the next six months!  I went for my check up about a month ago, and now I'm all done with the fillings that I had to have.  I had been bad about going when we moved up here two years ago, and I'm relieved that I'm back on track!

2. Finally finding shirts that fit the husband properly.  He's tall and thin (lucky him!).  It turns out that Banana Republic's tailored, slim fit non-iron dress shirts are the perfect fit. I'm just relieved that I don't have to iron them for him, because that gets pretty time consuming (not that I would know, because I always buy him the non-iron shirts and pants).

3. Getting this skirt on sale, when it was an additional 50 percent off.  I'm still waiting for it to arrive, but I'm excited that it went down in price, so I could even see if it is an option.

4. Doing a little weeknight cooking.  The husband was away for three nights this week, so I figured that I could handle the other two, or at least try.

5. Getting cards sent out for birthdays, a friend's anniversary, and just because.  It always makes me feel good that I'm organized enough to remember some of the important events in people's lives.

What's been going on in your week?  I hope you have a lovely weekend!


MCW said...

Adorable skirt. I am awful about sending out cards, and thank you notes, have a great weekend!

Adam said...

have a great weekend

Elle Sees said...

yay!!! i am loving the skirt!