Five for Friday!

It's finally Friday, so here are my five!  

1. Lemon water- I used to drink a lot of Crystal Light, but a few weeks ago I switched to just squeezing half a lemon in a pitcher of water. It tastes just as good, and I know it's better for me.  I love that at Trader Joe's you can buy a whole bag of lemons for less than three dollars.

2. Real Simple's September issue.  I checked my mailbox this week, and I had this magazine waiting for me.  It is such a useful issue! They had some really great ideas for cleaning tips and also a great section about the "numbers" of home decorating.  I'll definitely be saving both of these articles for future reference. 

3. Parking pass- After two years at my work, I finally have a parking pass underneath my building!  This is so exciting because it means I won't have to walk a half mile each way to get to my car every day.  A little extra sleep and time at home is such a gift. 
4. This past weekend, the husband updated his part of the closet.  A few bags of things he's never going to wear are going to Goodwill, and he was able to get a few shirts and pants that actually fit him properly.  Even though he  has less stuff, it's getting to be more functional. Now, I just have to get all that stuff to the Goodwill!
5. A made-up bed.  The husband goes to work after I do, so I usually come home to an unmade bed.  Even though he's been really busy, he's made up the bed this week before work, which is so thoughtful.
This weekend I'm looking forward to catching up with one of my good friends and also savoring one of the last weekends of summer.  Happy Friday!


birdie to be said...

I love updating and cleaning out my closet. It's so refreshing! Love your gorgeous bedding too!

Violet Clouds said...

I love coming home to a made bed, it makes things so calming and put together. That's sweet of your husband to make to do that for you.

MCW said...

I love a made bed!

That's amazing about the parking. SO key!!!

Adam said...

my bed is rarely made, it's pretty bad

amy b.s. said...

it's funny you mentioned the lemon water because lately i have just been obsessed with it! every time we're out, i am always requesting lemons for my water!

Z @ Kicking Kilos said...

Wow that's a great surprise to come home to ;)

Alexa said...

Love Real Simple's September issue. They have some good recipes in there too.