Weekend Recap: The Baltimore Aquarium!

The husband didn't have to do too much work on Saturday, so we took advantage of the free time, and headed up to Baltimore.  The inner harbor was really nice, and it was just nice to be by the water. 

I was kind of obsessed with these dragon paddle boats.  For some reason, I  thought they were so cute. 
I had never been the the Baltimore Aquarium, but I've wanted to go for awhile.  It didn't fail to impress.  Even though the admissions fee is kind of steep, (I've been spoiled by all the free things to do in D.C.) it was still worth it.  The husband and I pretended that this little day trip was a vacation, to justify the splurge.  That might also explain the overload of pictures.  

I loved seeing the tropical fish the best. The highlight of this exhibit was when the divers swam with the fish.  Then, right below us, one of the divers held up a sign in front of a couple.  It turned out that it we were witnessing a marriage proposal!  It was touching to see, and I can only imagine how much planning it must have taken to orchestrate the proposal.

The husband was awestruck by the sharks.  He couldn't get over their teeth, which I have to admit is pretty scary looking.
I also thought that the jelly fish were pretty, but the exhibit talked about how they were disturbing the ecosystem.
After walking through all the exhibits, we headed over to Yolly Molly, a cute frozen yogurt place.  We sat by the water and then headed back to D.C.  It was a really fun day trip, and I hope to go back  to Baltimore soon!  How was your weekend?  It's hard to believe that these are the last few days of summer.


MCW said...

Glad you made the trip to my city! Next time you need to head into Fells and then to Lexington Market for Crab cakes!

Adam said...

cool jellyfish