Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty low-key, as the husband had to work a lot of the weekend, and I felt under the weather so I wasn't up for much.  One good thing though, is that I was able to get my hair cut, and it feels so much better to have it shorter!  I also successfully made a chicken wings recipe for the husband, and I treated myself to this little orchid.  Yes, it's sad but true; this little orchid might be the highlight of the weekend.  I had been thinking an orchid would look nice on our dresser, and so when I saw this one on sale at Whole Foods, I couldn't resist.
I think it balances everything out quite nicely.  I had another vase there for awhile, but the husband wasn't a fan, and it didn't really go with the room (so I found it another home in the living room). I think this is much better, plus it's fun to have an actual plant.
We will see how long I keep this alive.  Does anyone have any good tips? I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


Adam said...

nice orchid

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

Just saw your comment on Julia's blog so came over to see where in NOVA you live! I'm in Manassas...just followed you and let's keep in touch!
xo Nancy