What's Cooking Wednesday: Easiest Shredded BBQ Beef

Even though I've only done a few recipes in this series, I think there is an obvious theme:  I need it to be easy.  I want a quick recipe that isn't too difficult, because I'm really hoping that someday the husband and I can move past tuna sandwiches, mac and cheese, and soup for dinner someday.  I think there is nothing better than having a home cooked meal at the end of a long day at work, but at the end of a long day at work, I personally don't feel like cooking for hours. 

This recipe for shredded BBQ beef might be the mecca of all recipes. It was suggested by my good friend, Culinary Cassie, and it is truly perfect for the husband.  I was dubious when I started the recipe, but it literally consists of buying a roast, adding some apple cider vinegar (which I actually already had on hand), and then putting it in the slow cooker.  After it cooks, you shred it and dump in some BBQ sauce.  Seriously, I don't think it gets any easier than that. Raw meat grosses me out, so I was not amused in the morning putting everything in the slow cooker before I went to work, but when I got home, I was a believer!  This is an amazing weeknight meal that lasts the husband a few days, and is perfect in the summer with some corn on the cob or some baked beans. 


P*P*P said...

This is one of my husband and my favorite meals! SO EASY - so delicious -- we always eat ours with corn too! :)

Alexa said...

Oh yum yum! This looks scrumptious!