Weekend Recap: A Visit from my sister and a 10k!

This weekend my sister came to visit, and it was so great to see her!  We had signed up for a 10k on Saturday morning, and despite the fact that she was just getting over a bad cold and the fact that the husband's and my training program faltered a bit, we made it! 
I thought the race was really well run, and we couldn't have had better weather.  It was such a beautiful fall day.  Even though I don't think any of us will ever really be runners, it really meant a lot to me that we could do this race together.

After the race, my sister and I decided to go shopping in Georgetown.  We did a decent amount of browsing, but we didn't buy very much (always good for the budget!). It was just so good to be able to spend some time with my sister.  I think I need to go plan a trip to see her soon!  How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap/Preparing for Guests

My MIL ended up not coming up to visit last weekend, because she was having some car trouble and her dog is sick.  While we were disappointed that she couldn't make the trip, I would have felt much worse if she came up knowing about all of her difficulties. One thing that her visit did make me think about is how to easily get ready for guests.  My mom seems to be the master of hosting people without any stress.  It just seems that she naturally has everything she needs on hand.  With the little prep that I did this weekend, I think that I'm always going to have bottled water, small toiletries and nice snacks on hand.  The other thing we struggle with is the husband and I don't drink coffee, so we always end up running to Starbucks to get some.  I've thought about getting a coffee pot, but we really don't get company that often, and we are already short on kitchen space. In the short term, I'm trying to solve that problem with just including Starbucks gift cards in the welcome basket. I also try to go get the coffee in the morning before guests wake up.
With the last minute change, the husband and I found ourselves with enough time to do two runs to prepare for the 10k this coming up weekend.  Even though we were pretty good about training awhile ago, we kind of fell off the bandwagon.  We will just have to see how we do this Saturday!

The good news is that my sister will be coming up to run the race with us, and it will be so wonderful to see her.  With my sister, i never have to worry about having everything perfect, but I do enjoy puttering around.  I made her a little toiletry tray, and I think it turned out well. I used this site to get a free printable.
 I loved the way it turned out so much, that I made one for myself! There are lots of different designs, so you might want to check it out if you are obsessed with monograms like I am.
How was your weekend?  It's crazy that Sunday was the first day of fall!

Five for Friday!

Time certainly has gone quickly this week!  I've been busy with work, my evening class and trying to make up for lost training time for the 10k.  But, I've also been doing a little shopping.  Retail therapy is always fun!

Here are my five for Friday:

1. C Wonder- During a quick trip to the mall last weekend, I saw a sign that C Wonder will be coming to a mall close to me.  I'm so excited!
 2. I did a decent amount of online shopping this week.  I've been pretty good for the past few months, but I fell down the rabbit hole with the Loft's sale on Sunday night. I'm hoping this skirt works well for fall.
 3. And I can't wait to wear this shirt.  The coral seems to hold on to summer a little bit longer.

4. This blazer is why Target and I will always be dear friends.  The husband thinks its ridiculous, but I've been dreaming of a pink blazer for a long time now. It makes me so happy.
 5. This mix is amazing.  It's pretty sweet, but perfect for fall. I made it for the first time this weekend and kept encouraging the husband to try it (before I ate it all!).  He finally tried it as a midnight snack and claimed that it was almost so good that he woke me up to tell me.  (That would have been a waste, because believe me, I know!).

What are you up to this weekend?  My MIL is coming, so we're going to check out a few DC restaurants and some Smithsonians.  It will be great to visit with her, although I have some cleaning and cooking to do first! With that said, I'm trying to focus my preparations for her visit and her actual visit on being an expression of love, and not worrying about having everything perfect (because I always fall short).  I hope you have a lovely weekend!

What's Cooking Wednesday: Taco Chili

I've kind of fallen off the bandwagon when it comes to cooking for the husband.  It isn't really a lack of time, it's just I don't really have any ideas. And the husband is only willing to give any suggestions when he is hungry, meaning that I need to produce it instantly. This week, I decided to focus on cooking a meal that I would enjoy.  Since I'm the only one eating it, this recipe has provided me with meals all week, but that just cuts down on the cooking!  I tried this Taco Chili recipe, after I was inspired by one of my co-worker's lunches.  I think the bits of corn intrigued me, so I was instantly motivated to try it out.  I skipped making the cheese sauce, and just added some Mexican cheese and a little sour cream, and this is delicious. What's even better is that it is super easy to make (you basically just open up some cans and add it to garlic and an onion).  I'll definitely be making this again sometime this fall or winter! Have you been making any fall dishes lately?  I want to try to make some butternut squash soup sometime soon!

Anniversary Recap!

I ended up taking a bit of a break last week.  I got a little behind, because the husband and I took an anniversary trip to the beach last weekend.  The husband and I are pretty low-key when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries, but this time it really felt like quite the occasion. We decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at Rasika.  I think the atmosphere is nice, and the husband thinks their crispy spinach appetizer is amazing (and it is).  All in all, I was excited about our dinner!

Here is the husband looking pretty happy.
They have their spices on display, which I think is neat.
 We celebrated back at home with some champagne.  It makes me so happy to drink out of the champagne glasses from our wedding.
In addition to our dinner, we decided to take a trip to the beach (we'd been meaning to go all summer, but it hadn't worked out). As added bonus, we stopped at my parent's house on Friday night (it's somewhat on the way), so we were able to have a good visit with them.  I know this makes me sound like a little kid, but I really love going home. My parents were excited to see us too, and my brother and his wife came over, so it was really special to be together.  My mom bought cupcakes, and she also bought us some pink carnations, since they were are wedding flowers.
    And here's to the husband for facilitating a trip to his in-laws.
It was great to see them, and then on Saturday afternoon we were of to the beach!  While our trip fit into the weekend, it truly was a getaway.  It was a great way to say goodbye to the summer!

Three Years!

Three years ago on this day, the husband and I said our vows in front of our loved ones.
We danced (begrudgingly)
and shared some cake.

We confirmed our commitment to each other and started a new chapter in our lives.
In some ways, it feels so long ago, and in other respects, it seems like just yesterday.  It has been a great three years, and I'm looking forward to many, many more. Each day is such a blessing and I'm thankful for each moment we have together.

What's Cooking Wednesday: Salmon and Roasted Asparagus

About six months after the husband and I got married, I had summer break as a teacher, and I decided that I should try cooking.  As much as I don't have a clue about cooking now, I was even more lost then.  We tried to brainstorm things that he liked to eat, and he announced that he really enjoyed his Dad's salmon recipe.  Well, little did I know, how amazing this little recipe is.  To start with, it's incredibly easy and only takes a few minutes to cook.  Not to mention, the husband LOVES it.  Every time I make this for him, he acts like I've given him the moon (instead of just stirring a few different types of mustard and brown sugar together) and I feel like I'm really cooking. 

Salmon Glaze
1/3 cup of brown sugar
2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce
1 ½ tablespoons of hot Chinese mustard
1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard

Stir all ingredients together (with whisk). Line a pan with non-stick aluminum foil and take a piece of skinless salmon portions and put a bit of glaze on the salmon. Broil for 3-4 minutes on each side of the salmon.

Now, to make this a proper meal, one thing that I did learn how to make this year is roasted asparagus, which the husband also loves.  Ina Garten's roasted asparagus is  super easy, but again, when I make this, I get rave reviews from the husband and you'd think I'd spent hours in the kitchen.  So even though it took me awhile to discover this meal, this is the perfect spring time meal to make after work or on a lazy weekend.