Anniversary Recap!

I ended up taking a bit of a break last week.  I got a little behind, because the husband and I took an anniversary trip to the beach last weekend.  The husband and I are pretty low-key when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries, but this time it really felt like quite the occasion. We decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at Rasika.  I think the atmosphere is nice, and the husband thinks their crispy spinach appetizer is amazing (and it is).  All in all, I was excited about our dinner!

Here is the husband looking pretty happy.
They have their spices on display, which I think is neat.
 We celebrated back at home with some champagne.  It makes me so happy to drink out of the champagne glasses from our wedding.
In addition to our dinner, we decided to take a trip to the beach (we'd been meaning to go all summer, but it hadn't worked out). As added bonus, we stopped at my parent's house on Friday night (it's somewhat on the way), so we were able to have a good visit with them.  I know this makes me sound like a little kid, but I really love going home. My parents were excited to see us too, and my brother and his wife came over, so it was really special to be together.  My mom bought cupcakes, and she also bought us some pink carnations, since they were are wedding flowers.
    And here's to the husband for facilitating a trip to his in-laws.
It was great to see them, and then on Saturday afternoon we were of to the beach!  While our trip fit into the weekend, it truly was a getaway.  It was a great way to say goodbye to the summer!


Dina Gideon said...

Aw, Happy Anniversary!

You had me at crispy spinach appetizer, must try that, yum...

You look so pretty in your photos, btw, love you in pink!

agalandherdog said...

Happy Anniversary!

Alexa said...

Oh yay! Sounds absolutely perfect and Happy Anniversary!!!

MCW said...

Happy Anniversary! What beach did you go to???

Violet Clouds said...

Happy Anniversary! said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys ! I'm recently engaged and can't wait for our wedding !