Five for Friday!

Time certainly has gone quickly this week!  I've been busy with work, my evening class and trying to make up for lost training time for the 10k.  But, I've also been doing a little shopping.  Retail therapy is always fun!

Here are my five for Friday:

1. C Wonder- During a quick trip to the mall last weekend, I saw a sign that C Wonder will be coming to a mall close to me.  I'm so excited!
 2. I did a decent amount of online shopping this week.  I've been pretty good for the past few months, but I fell down the rabbit hole with the Loft's sale on Sunday night. I'm hoping this skirt works well for fall.
 3. And I can't wait to wear this shirt.  The coral seems to hold on to summer a little bit longer.

4. This blazer is why Target and I will always be dear friends.  The husband thinks its ridiculous, but I've been dreaming of a pink blazer for a long time now. It makes me so happy.
 5. This mix is amazing.  It's pretty sweet, but perfect for fall. I made it for the first time this weekend and kept encouraging the husband to try it (before I ate it all!).  He finally tried it as a midnight snack and claimed that it was almost so good that he woke me up to tell me.  (That would have been a waste, because believe me, I know!).

What are you up to this weekend?  My MIL is coming, so we're going to check out a few DC restaurants and some Smithsonians.  It will be great to visit with her, although I have some cleaning and cooking to do first! With that said, I'm trying to focus my preparations for her visit and her actual visit on being an expression of love, and not worrying about having everything perfect (because I always fall short).  I hope you have a lovely weekend!


MCW said...

I have that skirt and have already worn it a few times! It fits amazing.

P*P*P said...

I have a pink blazer and it's in my top five favorite things I own category! Good choice. :)

saw said...

very cute clothes! :) enjoy your weekend and focus on being yourself (pink blazer, coral lace top and pumpkin pie bars included) rather than on pleasing and perfection. love you!

Alexa said...

That Target blazer is incredible. Love the color!