Weekend Recap: A Visit from my sister and a 10k!

This weekend my sister came to visit, and it was so great to see her!  We had signed up for a 10k on Saturday morning, and despite the fact that she was just getting over a bad cold and the fact that the husband's and my training program faltered a bit, we made it! 
I thought the race was really well run, and we couldn't have had better weather.  It was such a beautiful fall day.  Even though I don't think any of us will ever really be runners, it really meant a lot to me that we could do this race together.

After the race, my sister and I decided to go shopping in Georgetown.  We did a decent amount of browsing, but we didn't buy very much (always good for the budget!). It was just so good to be able to spend some time with my sister.  I think I need to go plan a trip to see her soon!  How was your weekend?


MCW said...

Congrats!!! A 10K is a huge deal.

P*P*P said...

Go you!!!! A 10K is awesome!!!

Alexa said...

Yay so awesome for both of you and spending time with your sis was wonderful I'm sure!