Weekend Recap/Preparing for Guests

My MIL ended up not coming up to visit last weekend, because she was having some car trouble and her dog is sick.  While we were disappointed that she couldn't make the trip, I would have felt much worse if she came up knowing about all of her difficulties. One thing that her visit did make me think about is how to easily get ready for guests.  My mom seems to be the master of hosting people without any stress.  It just seems that she naturally has everything she needs on hand.  With the little prep that I did this weekend, I think that I'm always going to have bottled water, small toiletries and nice snacks on hand.  The other thing we struggle with is the husband and I don't drink coffee, so we always end up running to Starbucks to get some.  I've thought about getting a coffee pot, but we really don't get company that often, and we are already short on kitchen space. In the short term, I'm trying to solve that problem with just including Starbucks gift cards in the welcome basket. I also try to go get the coffee in the morning before guests wake up.
With the last minute change, the husband and I found ourselves with enough time to do two runs to prepare for the 10k this coming up weekend.  Even though we were pretty good about training awhile ago, we kind of fell off the bandwagon.  We will just have to see how we do this Saturday!

The good news is that my sister will be coming up to run the race with us, and it will be so wonderful to see her.  With my sister, i never have to worry about having everything perfect, but I do enjoy puttering around.  I made her a little toiletry tray, and I think it turned out well. I used this site to get a free printable.
 I loved the way it turned out so much, that I made one for myself! There are lots of different designs, so you might want to check it out if you are obsessed with monograms like I am.
How was your weekend?  It's crazy that Sunday was the first day of fall!


Violet Clouds said...

I spent the weekend in bed with the flu watching lots of movies and reading good books! I love the tray, thanks for the link.

JulesTX said...

Maybe you should think about getting a keurig that way you could easily make whatever type if beverage you all enjoy.

Elle Sees said...

that's adorable! i need one for ME!

amy b.s. said...

how is it already fall!

Alexa said...

So fun. I cannot believe that it's fall already!