Some Belated Weekend Recaps

Two weekends ago the husband and I decided to take one last trip to the beach.  We went to Virginia Beach because it's closer than the Outer Banks and we're pretty comfortable with the drive from NoVa. It seems like a million years, after the rain and cooler weather we've been having.  We didn't take a many pictures because we're paranoid about messing up our phone/camera.  But the husband did take this one photo as we were leaving and driving over a bridge.
It's ironic that our two trips to the beach took place during the early fall, but it's when the weather and work schedules cooperated (plus the prices during the off season make it even more appealing).  The husband ended up working on Saturday night and Sunday morning, but we still had a few good hours at the beach.  He also would have had to have worked if we'd stayed home, so I'm glad that we just took the plunge.

We ate dinner at Beach Bully on Saturday night.  I got the grilled tuna and it was really good.  We ended up liking it so much that we went there for Sunday lunch. If you're in the area, I highly recommend it.
Here is the hubby patiently waiting.
And then this weekend I made a pecan pie and headed to my parents' to celebrate my Dad's birthday (last Friday) and my brother's birthday (Tuesday).  My sister flew up, and it was great for us to be together as a family.  There were lots of games of Uno, and we went over to my brother and his wife's house for chili.  His wife was recovering from minor surgery, so it was funny to see my little brother playing the role of the host! He has gotten to be quite the cook! 

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