The extent of our seasonal decorating

I know that a lot of people enjoy decorating their homes for the fall season, but I'm afraid that we don't really do much because of storage constraints. We did pick up this little pumpkin at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago.  Originally, we were going to get a few more, but then I realized that would mean we would be spending 10 dollars on pumpkins that we had no idea where to put in our apartment.  So, we bought this small one came home with us and I put it on the end table in our living room. 

Over the weekend, I also made this little tray.  Originally, I downloaded this image, but then I realized that I didn't really have a place to hang it. I ended up just trimming the edges a bit in putting it in a tray I had from the Container Store that I was no longer using.  It's handy because it can store the remotes or other little odds and ends that happen to collect in our living room.  Even though it will be outdated in a few days, it's fun to have a little something to get into the spirit.  What have you been doing to celebrate fall in your home?


Mrs. W said...

I am right there with you on the storage issue. With little places for seasonal decor and a little one on the way my house is very un-festive. Super cute tray!!

Alexa said...

Not too much fall decorating...but love mini pumpkins and simple decor.