Thankful Tuesday!

The husband and I will start traveling for Thanksgiving tonight, so I am going to take a blogging break until next week. In addition to pumpkin pie, I'm looking forward to celebrating the holiday with family ( I especially can't wait to see my sister) and the Thanksgiving service at our church. Wishing everyone safe travels, joyful times with family and friends, and a happy Thanksgiving!

Monogram Monday: Letters at Old Navy

I was looking online this weekend for Christmas gifts and I came across these letter sweaters from Old Navy.  While I realize that it's a bit obnoxious to walk around with a giant initial, some of the colors are kind of cute.

They also had phone cases and gloves.

 I think that this stuff can sometimes look cheap, and I'd be interested to see how everything looks in real life.  I love this monogram sweater from C. Wonder, but you certainly can't beat Old Navy's price. What do you all think?

Five for Friday: Kate Spade Sale

Happy Friday! For some reason, I can't stop thinking about Christmas, and so I may have indulged this morning in the Kate Spade sale (extra 25% off).

I ended up picking up this wine tote to give to a friend celebrating a January birthday.

And these thermal cups, because I think they will go nicely with a Starbucks gift card for friends.

This make up bag for my SIL who loves red.

And while I didn't purchase these wine tags, aren't they fun?
I also thought about getting this pencil case for a friend, but decided against it (because a pencil case isn't terribly practical).
I hope you have a great weekend!  Tomorrow I'm going to be driving about 7 hours round trip to visit a friend, and then on Sunday just catching up on errands and hanging out with the husband.  Have a lovely weekend!

What's Cooking Wednesday: Eggplant Parmesean Stacks!

I ended up not keeping up with these posts for a few weeks, but I'd like to start them again.  I think it really does encourage me to try to cook a little bit more and it also shows me that I am adding more and more recipes to my repertoire. Sometimes I get discouraged that I don't cook more, so these posts really do show some progress!

 I found this eggplant stack recipe from The Reedy Review, and they are delicious. The first time I made them, I followed her recipe exactly, but the second time I just used bottled marinara sauce.  I had the extra sauce on hand, and I found that it made it a slightly quicker weeknight meal.  I hadn't cooked with eggplant before, and I was impressed by how easy it was.  During the fall and winter, this is a great dinner!  Do you have any good eggplant recipes?  I'd love to try them.

Sugar Paper at Target!

I heard about Sugar Paper at Target last Monday, and I got really excited.  I decided to take a quick trip after work, but it appeared that they were sold out, and I was pretty disappointed (which I realize is ridiculous).  Well, on Sunday, I decided to check again, and I discovered that my Target did indeed have the Sugar Paper calendars.  I think maybe my store just launched later or restocked.  Either way, I was one happy lady.
This is the calendar that I really wanted.  It will match the way I have my desk decorated perfectly, and I'm very excited.
I picked up a two others that I plan on giving to my sister and sister-in-law.
 I also found this cute planner, which I'm going to give to one of my friends.
Have you guys seen Sugar Paper's line at Target?  What do you think?

Weekend Recap: The Monuments at Dusk

Happy Veteran's Day, everyone!  I know that most people don't get the day off, but I still think it's important to have a day designated to remember all those who have served.

The husband and I ventured into the city to go to the National Gallery of Art on Saturday and then on Sunday evening, we went to the monuments. We'd never been to the National Gallery of Art before, and we were both impressed by the building and the collections.
For lunch, we went to Burger, Taps, and Shakes, which was good.  I thought this chalkboard picture was cute.
We love the monuments and visit pretty frequently, but we hadn't been this fall. 
It's interesting how the memorials look different as the seasons change.
It was also nice to visit as the sun was setting.

With daylight savings time, I'm always shocked at how quickly it gets dark at night.
How was your weekend? I can't believe we're almost to the middle of November!

Five for Friday: Gold Fever

Happy Friday, everyone! For this Friday roundup, I thought I would do a roundup of all the golden, glamorous things that have been catching my eye. It must be the holidays, but I've really been craving sparkle.

First up, I'm in love with this dress from BR.  I have no place to wear it and the husband would hate it, but I can at least admire it here.
I also adore this little jewelry box from Target. Even though I have plenty of things like this, I'm kind of tempted to get the little one.

For a long time, I've wanted to add some elephants to our decor.  Unfortunately, these from JCP's Jonathan Adler's line are sold out.
My Christmas cards got me in the mood for some gold stationery, and  these are pretty cute too.
Finally, here is a gold accent that I own and I'm not just dreaming of!  I can't wait to use these little plates that I bought on sale from Target's holiday collection last year. 

Have you been drawn to gold lately too?  It seems that is is definitely an accent color this season!

Our Christmas Cards!

Now that Halloween is over, I can share my Christmas cards that I ordered from Tiny Prints.  I ended up picking this design. I wanted something a little more glam than usual, and the husband actually went along with it. I think he realizes that some things that he doesn't really care about make me ridiculously happy.
I had a coupon, so I sprung for some  lined envelopes, which I absolutely love.  I also took a trip to Staples and picked up some gold colored Sharpies and some gold ornament address labels from Martha Stewart's holiday collection.  I played around with some fonts, and the labels printed up really well. I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out.  Now I'm just going to get started addressing them!
Are you starting to think about Christmas yet?  It's my favorite holiday, so I'm afraid that I usually start thinking about it insanely early.