Sugar Paper at Target!

I heard about Sugar Paper at Target last Monday, and I got really excited.  I decided to take a quick trip after work, but it appeared that they were sold out, and I was pretty disappointed (which I realize is ridiculous).  Well, on Sunday, I decided to check again, and I discovered that my Target did indeed have the Sugar Paper calendars.  I think maybe my store just launched later or restocked.  Either way, I was one happy lady.
This is the calendar that I really wanted.  It will match the way I have my desk decorated perfectly, and I'm very excited.
I picked up a two others that I plan on giving to my sister and sister-in-law.
 I also found this cute planner, which I'm going to give to one of my friends.
Have you guys seen Sugar Paper's line at Target?  What do you think?

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Jackie {York Avenue} said...

Love what you chose! All of their items are just perfection.