Weekend Recap: The Monuments at Dusk

Happy Veteran's Day, everyone!  I know that most people don't get the day off, but I still think it's important to have a day designated to remember all those who have served.

The husband and I ventured into the city to go to the National Gallery of Art on Saturday and then on Sunday evening, we went to the monuments. We'd never been to the National Gallery of Art before, and we were both impressed by the building and the collections.
For lunch, we went to Burger, Taps, and Shakes, which was good.  I thought this chalkboard picture was cute.
We love the monuments and visit pretty frequently, but we hadn't been this fall. 
It's interesting how the memorials look different as the seasons change.
It was also nice to visit as the sun was setting.

With daylight savings time, I'm always shocked at how quickly it gets dark at night.
How was your weekend? I can't believe we're almost to the middle of November!


Adam said...

Happy Veterans Day

Alexa said...

Beautiful photos! Love DC!