Feeling Festive!

 On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we put up our little tree.  I also spent the afternoon happily wrapping up some presents.
I love putting ornaments out.  We have these on our coffee table (I picked them up from Michaels a few years ago). It's funny how they really do put you in the holiday spirit.
I also have these  on display.  I've thought about getting rid of them because I know that the color is pretty loud, but for some reason I just can't bear to do so.  I also think the penguin tin is so cute.
We have our nativity on our end table.  It's not very elaborate, but I think it's sweet.

After my work party on Friday, I ended up being able to bring one of the centerpieces home.  Even though it's a bit large and ridiculous, it's beautiful and makes me happy.
Are you doing any decorating for the holidays?  I still have more presents to wrap (and buy) and Christmas cards to send out, but mostly I'm just trying to savor the season.


agalandherdog said...

Love your decorations! I need a cute nativity scene.

jess l. said...

That is a beautiful arrangement! I didn't do any decorating this year really because we are traveling so much, but I usually put up lights, a little mini tree, and of course stockings :)

Elle Sees said...

i do the same thing with ornaments! i love having them out in bowls and vases.