Five for Friday: Some Gift Ideas for the In-Laws

As I mentioned, I'm in the full pursuit of trying to find a few gifts for family.  For friends and my sister, I find that gifts are relatively easy because we all like similar things. (Well, at least I think we do).  For older family members, and males it's really difficult for me to pick out a gift because I'm pretty darn clueless about what is popular.  For my husband's aunt and grandma, my genius sister recommended perusing Pottery Barn and Talbots, and I think I came away with some good picks. 

First up, I purchased a monogramed wreath holder for my husband's aunt and uncle.  I plan on giving them a fresh wreath too. I ordered this last Sunday and it arrived by Thursday.  I think that's amazingly fast considering it's monogrammed.
For the husband's aunt, I actually ended up buying her some gloves and a cashmere scarf from Talbots. With all the Black Friday sales, they ended up being very reasonably priced.  The great thing about this gift is that if she doesn't like it, she can always return it and get something else since she likes the store. Where she lives is pretty chilly, so I think they might come in handy!


I also ended up purchasing this necklace for the husband's grandma.  Again, the way I figure it is if my choice isn't exactly perfect then maybe they can use the credit towards something they'd love.
My favorite little stocking stuffer though is the jam that I made with my mom a few months ago.  I think it will be fun to have something homemade to give everyone (although I think I need to make more!).
Do you have any good gift ideas that you love to give relatives? I hope everyone has a good weekend!  Tonight is our holiday party (which I'm kind of in charge of and nervous about).  I'll be relieved once it is over!


jess lyons said...

I love that wreath hanger (and wreath, too)! I wish I knew how to make jam. I've been saying that I want to can for years, but have yet to do it.

I think I might do some embroidery and sew some felt ornaments for family this year :)

Alexa said...

Love that sweet sweet scarf! All of these ideas are perfect!

Elle Sees said...

you came up with some great ideas!