Some New Ballet Flats!

A few weeks ago my beloved black ballet flats finally were no longer appropriate to wear out in public  I actually hate buying shoes like these because I need them to be comfortable, and it's always hard for me to tell if shoes are going to work or not until I've walked in them awhile.  Well, when I was doing a little shopping at Target I checked out their selection.  I've had mixed-luck with Target's shoes, so I didn't really expect that I would be able to find anything.  However, I tried these shoes on and I was super impressed by the support.  They were also on sale for less than 20 dollars, so I think they will be a great shoe to wear to work.
I also have really been wanting something with a little bit of sparkle, so I tried these shoes on and I was pleasantly surprised. They are comfy and only $15!
Have you been doing any shoe shopping lately?  Which shoes do you find most comfy?

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