Why it may seem that I do half my Christmas shopping at the grocery store

My family is a little bit funny about Christmas gifts in the aspect that as kids my parents would sometimes wrap up our favorite foods (in addition to toys) and give them to us.  I've learned since then from the husband that it's a little bit odd, but for some reason I keep wanting to do it.  In my humble opinion, food gifts are great because they are usually tasty and they don't add clutter.  This year, it may be a little worse than usual, which might be why the cashier at Trader Joe's made a comment that I was getting all my Christmas shopping done there.  A reasonable assumption, because these were a few things in my basket:

Ginger cookies for my mom.
Some caramels for my sister (I know she reads my blog, but I think that they will be just as exciting once she actually gets them).
I also saw these macarons in the freezer section and thought I'd try them out.  They are a little smaller than the ones I have had before, but there are no complaints from me.  For one of my friend's birthday in January, I wanted to give her some macarons to go along with her Paris inspired gift, so once I tested a box with the husband, I picked up a few more.  For five dollars, this is definitely worth it.
Of course, I also always get the husband beef jerky.
In continuing with the food gifts, I'm giving my co-workers little jars of jam I made as a holiday treat.
Do you ever give food gifts?  They appeal to me because they are so practical and usually enjoyed rather quickly!


MCW said...

Haha! Beef Jerkey. Such a funny gift, but I am sure your husband loves it!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Leslie, I totally get this! I always love getting food in my stocking, especially fun items I may not find or buy myself ... like special jams, jellies, spices, et cetera!

Thanks for the heads up on the macarons, they are so cute. :)