A Parisian Birthday Gift

In honor of one of my friend's birthday last Friday, I made her a little box inspired with all things French.  She really loves Paris, so I thought she would enjoy it.  Here is what I came up with!
French magnets, two books, an Eifel tower wine stopper, soaps and lotion, an "oui" necklace", a striped shirt, a framed print and a macaron card
I packaged everything in a Paris box and then also brought her some macarons on a pretty little platter.  All in all, I thought her little gift turned out great and she really liked it.

I'm afraid when it comes to gifts I usually end up buying little things, probably because they are more fun to buy. Do you ever do theme gifts?  For another friend's birthday in January I plan on doing a theme, so I seem to really enjoy them.


Sundresses and Smiles said...

You are such a good friend!! I love this idea and can't pick a favorite gift out of the bunch- they're all so cute! Putting together themed gifts and baskets is my fave!

Alexa said...

A theme is such a good idea. I haven't done it myself...but it's so sweet. :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

You are so sweet! Love the Paris theme. The macaroon book looks amazing!