A Little Weekend Organizing!

At the beginning of January, I sat down and wrote a list out of everything that I wanted to get done around the apartment.  I made a little progress, but for the most part, it's stayed stagnant. For some reason with the usual weekend chores, it just seems so hard to get to anything extra done.  With two snow/sick days, I wanted to try to get a few things done around the house, but I wasn't really up for much. 

We have a little shelf behind our loveseat which stores a decent amount of random things.  It was on my list to go through everything, with the hope that we'd be able to donate most of it.  Unfortunately, I went through everything again and only had a few things that made sense to donate.  However, to make it feel more organized, I decided to label the bins. I had these Martha Stewart labels from Staples on hand, so I just printed them up, stuck them on some card stock and then ran some thread through them.
I'm not sure if everything will stay orderly, but hypothetically it should. At least the it looks like organized chaos and makes me feel slightly better.  The truth is that we have way too much "seasonal decor" for people living in an apartment.
Have you been doing any organizing projects?  It seems that I re-organize things every few weeks because it just keeps getting messy. I think it might just be part of the joy of living in a smaller space!


WorthyStyle said...

We have not been doing much organizing, but when the weather warms up this weekend we plan on re-organizing our attic and painting one of the guest bathrooms!

MCW said...

I am awful at organization. In fact, most of my drawers are junk drawers!