Valentine's Day Recap

As I mentioned, I was under the weather for Valentine's Day, so everything was pretty low-key. On Wednesday night the husband trekked to CVS in the snow to get me some Dayquil/Nyquil, and that pretty much seemed like the greatest Valentine's Day gift ever.  I was extremely thankful for the medicine.  And it never hurts to bring me a magazine and some peanut butter M&Ms aka "magic beans".
With the medicine, I was feeling a little bit better on Thursday, so I made Ina Garten's lobster mac and cheese.  That was our "fancy" Valentine's Day dinner.  Since I had the snow day and some extra time on my hands, I tried to make it a little more special by using our wedding china and some candles that my mom had given me awhile ago.

I was going to make macarons, but felt too poorly, so I bought these cake pops from Starbucks instead.
 No champagne for us, just some sparkling grapefruit juice (which I love) and milk.
Even though it was really low key, we were both happy.
The husband wasn't too happy that I took a picture before he could eat this cake pop, though.
However, he was happy with his medley of Krave beef jerky.
And I was happy to be feeling better!
My sister sent me this beautiful card with such a kind note. I just love all the sparkles.  I'm always so thankful that we are sisters. I really am so blessed.
However you spent Valentine's Day, I hope that it was lovely.

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Dina Gideon said...

The smile on your hubby's face is priceless, I love it. I know you say he didn't want his photo taken, but it sure looks like he didn't mind too much.

I LOVE nyquil. Like adore it. I was in England once and got really sick and bemoaned the fact that they didn't sell nyquil at the local drug store. So sad. Guess what I travel with now...every single time I leave the country? :)