Birthday Celebrations!

Today's my birthday! I thought I'd share a few photos from this weekend's celebrations when my sister, her boyfriend, and my parents came up to visit.  Celebrating with them really made me feel so loved.

On Friday night, we just visited and it was perfect.  I made an easy salad and some lobster mac and cheese, which is now my go-to dish. My mom brought up cupcakes and these cute plates and napkins.

For lunch on Saturday, the husband picked up BBQ and I made things for an "ice cream bar." I was really tired from the race that morning, so it worked out great.
My parents left that afternoon, so I sent them off with a few chocolates.
On Saturday night, we went out to dinner, and it was fun to get dressed up.
 On Sunday, we went to brunch, the Botanical Gardens and the National Art Museum.  
I was sad to see my sister leave, but relieved that her flight made it out with all the upcoming snow.  All in all, it was just a great way to begin a new decade!


P*P*P said...

So fun! Looks like a great birthday other (funny) news, the other evening when I was riding back on the train from NYC to DC I could have SWORN that you and your husband were sitting in front of me. The guy looked JUST like your husband!

MCW said...

Happy happy birthday! Those cupcakes looks delicious!

Dina Gideon said...

Happy Birthday! I am sorry I am a day late wishing you a good day, but I can tell that you probably had one. Those cupcakes--um, yum. eee.

I had seen Rasika a few times while out and about in the city, it looks so pretty all lit up at night!