Weekend Recap!

Well, we are back to Monday, friends.  This weekend the weather was pretty dreary, but on Saturday I met up with two friends for lunch and shopping.  I hadn't seen either of them in awhile, so it was great to see both of them.  Last weekend, one of my friend's I was meeting announced that she was expecting, so I wanted to celebrate the occasion.  I got her a Willow Tree angel, which I realize are "country" looking, but for some reason I really like them. It's crazy, but two friends last week announced they were expecting.  I think we're entering the baby season.
Saturday night was low key, with a trip with the husband to Trader Joe's and making twice-baked potatoes.  We picked up some tulips at Trader Joe's, and they really brighten up the apartment.
Sunday was also quiet, and I got some cooking and errands done.  I was also really glad to get some work for my grad class completed too.  I did go to the mall for some returns and stopped by C. Wonder with their 40% off sale.  Somehow I resisted, although I really thought about getting this sweater.
The husband was with me, so I also avoided buying these plates and napkins.
How was your weekend?


Dina Gideon said...

Those willow tree angels are sweet, I love them. :)

At first I thought you were giving all of us some news, lol.

I am SO OVER THIS WEATHER. Thank goodness today is meant to be beautiful!

MCW said...

I thought this was an announcement that you were expecting when is aw the 1st picture!

I always get flower at Trader Joes. You can't beat the prices!