Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  This weekend flew by, but the weather was really gorgeous.  On Saturday, I met up with Dina from My Superfluities She's the first blogger friend I've ever met, and it was really great!  We did a little shopping at Old Town in Alexandria, visiting this great consignment store and Anthropologie. Dina is so kind and fun, so it was neat to actually meet her and chat. 

The husband was stuck working most of this weekend, so I took the opportunity to catch up on chores and errands.  I also started getting our little tokens of appreciation ready for our moms.  I'm still trying to come up with gifts for my mom, but I think we my MIL's pretty much done after we get a card.

I picked up a few things that I thought she'd enjoy, and made a new label for the wine.

I put everything in a basket, since the candle and wine are pretty heavy.
At Trader Joe's I found two orchids, so I picked those up while I was there.  I made a little "Happy Mother's Day" flag, and we will just keep them until we go visit our moms.

How was your weekend?  Did you get to enjoy some of this gorgeous weather? 


Dina Gideon said...

That present you made for your mil is precious and you can tell that you put so much thought into it! She is going to love it!

I AM SO SO SO glad we met up. You are even sweeter and lovelier than even your blog shows (which is a lot, so you are very very sweet and lovely, indeed).

Promise me we will see each other soon!

Oh...also my blog post will come. One day. LOL. I can't believe we forgot to get the nice waitress at the restaurant to take our photo!

Alexa said...

Oh that little gift is so cute! Sounds like a great weekend!

Elle Sees said...

so sweet! i know she enjoyed it. i was in charleston so i go to enjoy the weather!