Five For Friday

Hello, Friends!  I'm so happy that it's Friday and we have begun the month of May!   Here are five things that I've been loving this week.

1. Exercise!  I definitely fell off the bandwagon, but I started walking/jogging again, and it's been so good for me.  I'm hoping that this month I will be better disciplined.

2.  Phone calls with my sister.  I usually talk to my sister every evening, but this week our talks have been particularly therapeutic.

3. Leaving work on time/not late.  Somtimes I end up working later, and that really just puts me in a state of exhuastion.  This week the work has been lighter, and that has been so incredibly helpful (giving me the time and energy to exercise and tidy up the apartment).

4. I know this is materialistic, but I ordered this dress from Old Navy for $10 and I love it.  I bought a black one, an anchor one (for a swim cover up), and this blue one.  I love wearing the blue one around the house; the material is so soft!
5. Bittersweet- I re-read this book this week, and it's really helped me think about what matters.  I really love all of her books; they just make me feel better about life.
This weekend I'm looking forward to some sunshine and getting together with a friend.  Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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Tina said...

I have the dress from Old Navy too! Can't wait to wear it!