Five for Friday!

I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend! The husband has had to work a lot this week, so I haven't seen really seen him, and it has made the week seem long.  This weekend, he has a trip for work and I'm going to see my parents for Mother's Day, but we will have some time on Saturday morning before we both leave.
1. Even though the husband's been working long hours, when I've come home from work I've been greeted by a made up bed, complete with throw pillows and the throw blanket.
2. A new washer.  Ours broke last weekend, so it got replaced on Wednesday.  I'm excited because the capacity is a little bit bigger and quieter than our other one.
3.  Cards!  My sister and sister-in-law both sent me really loving cards this week, which has been such a sweet surprise.
4. I've decided to take a little shopping break for the month of May, but aren't these shoes pretty?

5. Most of all, I'm looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day with my mom.  I plan on making her some cheesecake lemon bars, which are one of her favorites. I also picked up a lemon scented candle, which smells amazing, and a mini orchid.  They are just little tokens, but I'm trying to focus less on gifts this season.  I also plan on making her a little sign inspired by Proverbs 31 like this one.
 The husband won't be seeing his mom until next weekend, so we're sending her this little Willow Angel until they can celebrate.  Can you tell that I really love these figurines? This one is called beautiful wishes for you, love, health and happiness.
What are you up to this weekend?  However you spend it, I hope it's lovely!


Alexa said...

Had a great weekend, and love those pretty sandals!

Elle Sees said...

those shoes are so cute! perfect for spring and summer. i had q uick and bus weekend. i need a do-over!