Happy Birthday to my Sister!

This is from when she visited me for my bday!
Happy Birthday to my sweet sister!  I'm so excited for her because she is celebrating her birthday in France.  Her boyfriend took advantage of some deals, and he managed to pull the trip together very reasonably.  While she was anxious about traveling, I've Skyped with her and she seems to be having a great time. (I'm so thankful for Skype because it was definitely good to talk with her. Technology is seriously so amazing.) 
Every day, I am so thankful that she is my little sister.  Even though she is younger than me by a year, I look up to her so much and cannot imagine what I would do without her. There is no one else on this earth who can pretend to be interested in what's new at the Loft, stationery or whatever random thing I'm thinking about. We're going to visit her when she returns from France at the beginning of June and I cannot wait to celebrate her! 

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agalandherdog said...

Happy birthday to baby sis!