Memorial Day Sales: Ann Taylor

I was supposed to be on a shopping ban this month, but I'm afraid that Ann Taylor's 70% off sale has made me fall down the rabbit hole. 

I've been wanting this skirt for awhile, and they still had my size and it was less than $20, so I couldn't resist.
I just purchased this dress and I'm really curious how it will look.  If it's a disaster, I can return it, but if not, it's a great deal for $33.
I also am trying this dress.
My navy blue and black cardigans have been washed one too many times, so I thought I'd try these, since they are only $18.
Some of the jewelry ends up being very reasonable; I got this necklace for $10.
Of course, there are many great sales going on right now, but  if you need to update any basics, I'd check out Ann Taylor!

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MCW said...

Shoot! I wanted that stripped dress but the sale is over! It's really cute on! Jealous you snagged it.