My Sister's French Themed Birthday Gift!

For my sister's birthday,  I was really excited for her trip to France, so I wanted to give her things that I thought would be useful.

First up, I found this bag from Target, and I thought it would look nice for walking around but not too expensive so that she would be upset if anything happened.
I also found this dress at Old Navy that I thought looked Parisian because of the stripes.
And this scarf from Banana Republic, which was also on sale.  I love traveling with scarfs; I find the soft material so comforting.
I also picked up this little laundry bag for her in the red polka dots from the Container Store.  I think these are so handy!
And I made her a sign inspired by this one.
I sent it all to her last week and then I got to watch her open it up via Skype.  We just started using it, and I think it's so nice.  It makes you feel a little closer to each other!  It seems I've definitely been on on a kick for themed gifts!  Have you given any thing fun lately?

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